Candy King Worms E-Juice Review

If you are looking for a candy that is full of sour flavor then you will definitely want to try the Candy King Worms. This gummy treat has a sour and spicy taste that you will definitely enjoy. The gummies are available in three different nicotine strengths that you can choose from.

Sour gummy worms

The Candy King Worms e-liquid is a nostalgic candy flavor that will take you back to your childhood. It features a funky wriggly design, with a smooth finish that is sure to satisfy your taste buds.

This e-liquid is a delicious combination of sweet and sour flavors. You’ll get an energizing gummy candy experience, with notes of citrus and tangy lemon. In addition to its classic gummy flavors, it also contains a few other interesting vaping-related ingredients.

One of the more impressive aspects of this e-liquid is the way it lingers on the palate. Worms is made from a blend of 80 percent vegetable glycerin, 20 percent propylene glycol, and some proprietary flavors. A blend of acids, including citric, tartaric, and fumaric, is used in creating the sour gummies you’ll get in this juice.

Sour gummies are notorious for their mouth-watering flavor combinations, and Candy King’s version has the perfect balance of sweet and sour. Each worm is coated with a mix of sour sugar and fruity notes.

The best part is that the sour gummy flavors come in a convenient 100 mL bottle. That makes it easy to relive your childhood memories while satiating your sugar cravings on the go.

The Candy King Worms e-liquid will satisfy your sugar cravings while the nicotine-packed flavor lasts all day.

Available in three nicotine strengths

The 60ml drinkable of the Dinner Lady’s bubbly and sherbet concoction is an experience not to be missed. What’s more, you can choose from the plethora of flavors. It may even come in a 3mg or 6mg bottle. This isn’t a cheap proposition with the pricier bottles averaging the grandkids’ eyeballs. But, if your budget is tight, you’re not stuck with it.

One of the more popular brands on the market, this one comes in three nicotine strengths, as well as in a variety of flavours. Aside from the standard strawberry, there’s also blackberry and bubblegum variants. If you’re into your desserts, you’ll love the sweet tooth-worthy sherbet concoctions. Of course, if you’re not a sweets fiend, you can always opt for the tamer version of the strawberry.

Candy King Worms E-Juice Review

Not to be left out of the conversation, this one comes in the aforementioned 3mg, 6mg and 0mg variants. For a less than $10 discount, you can savour the taste of a lifetime. The fruity and chewy flavors have an unmistakable signature taste, and you’ll be rewarded with a mouth watering vape.


Candy King Worms e-juice is the perfect combination of sweet and sour fruit flavors. It is made with a blend of vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol. The juice is available in three nicotine strengths.

Candy King e-juice is one of the most popular vapes in the United States. Its unique packaging and bold flavor make it a great choice for a quick puff.

In addition to a wide range of candy and gummy flavors, the company also produces a variety of e-juice products. It is known for its innovative products and use of food-grade ingredients.

Worms E-Juice by Candy King is a tangy, sour vape that recreates the classic sour worms candy. The juice has a base of 20 percent propylene glycol and 80 percent vegetable glycerin. Adding granulated sugar to the blend gives it a smooth finish. This e-juice is available in 100 ml bottles and is a great option for vape enthusiasts.

If you’re looking for an e-juice that has a balanced sour-sweet taste, Candy King Worms is your best bet. The company’s e-juice has a strong citrus base and finishes off with granulated sugar.

Candy King Worms e-Liquid is a brand-new offering from the manufacturer. It’s a fragrant mix of citrus flavor, gradually getting darker as the juice level increases. Designed to perform well in sub-ohm devices, the e-juice is ideal for on-the-go vaping.

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